It´s So Easy?
Isn´t it

Is ottobahn public transport or personal travel?

While ottobahn cabins are designed to let you travel in personal safety and comfort, they also offer the best of both worlds. You may call a “public” gondola, which you use for a single trip. It then returns to the shared pool. You can buy your own ottobahn "living room" and then customize it. Wider seat? More legroom? Better speakers? Bigger screen? Second, third, fourth seat for your family? It´s up to you.

Is it save?

ottobahn is a rail-based system. These are known for their safety and reliability - they offer better safety any other means of transportation. In fact, the most dangerous part of any trip will be through the door and down the stairs of your house. ottobahn is separate from the ground-based traffic of the last mile (by foot, bike, scooter, golf cart or some automated pod) and from all other traffic, because it runs 5-10 meters off the ground.

How is it powered?

Each cabin is run by a small electric engine that is slightly more powerful than your average vacuum cleaner. Power is generated by solar cells on the rails or anywhere within a reasonable distance to the ottobahn system. The system will also contain millions of batteries, solving current electricity grid problems along the way.

Where will the tracks run?

Tracks are 5-10 meters in the air. They can run next to or between highways, above train tracks, attached to street lamps, or any other existing infrastructure. Virtually no new space will be occupied.

How many stations will there be?

None, or as many as you like. Cabins can be lowered to the ground anywhere within the system so that any spot can become your personal station. Don’t even start to think you would be blocking the way of the cabin behind you. We thought of that, too.

What are the limits?

Literally the sky and the sea. ottobahn works best for distances up to 1,000 miles. Anything farther away and you are better off taking a plane or a ship.

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